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Shipping and Charges

Shipping costs:


Stickers, Badges,
Magnets, Keychains
(as a letter)

T-shirts, Banner
Wall Stickers
(as a parcel)
Germany  2,00 €  4,90 €
Europe  4,00 €  9,90 €
Worldwide  4,00 €  15,90 €

Important notice:

Despite all accuracy there can be damage to the delivery while shipping. In this case all damaged products will certainly be refunded.

Please consider the following process:
Damages in transit have to be complained about to the supplier as soon as the delivery arrives. Subsequently, you should inform SmilingSun-Shop about the noticed transport damage. If you want to send back certain goods, please inform us in advance via email, fax or telephone.

Thank you for your understanding and your cooperation.