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The "Smiling Sun" is world-wide obtainable in 55 different languages.
In our official shop one can find the official logo in all varieties and
languages approved by the OOA Fonden.
The OOA Fonden is the holder of all trademark and copyrights. The “Smiling Sun” is protected by trademark law in all member states of the European Union as well as in Switzerland and the USA.

Only the original shows the ® before or after “NO THANKS”. This unique position is required by OOA Fonden.

We possess the licence to produce and sell all articles showing this logo. For every sold article we have to pay licence fees.

Two thirds of these fees go to the anti-nuclear movement. Thus, by purchasing our items you will actively support the anti-nuclear movement.

Please find our volume discount prices with the particular items' descriptions.

All items purchased in our webshop can be shipped worldwide!

The "Smiling Sun" for Renewable Energy!
Our Top Hit!   Sticker set - 20 pieces Sticker set - 20 pieces
in various sizes
7,90 €*
Long-running Hits
Sticker set - 17 pieces Sticker set - 17 pieces
7,90 €*
Sticker set - 15 pieces 10 cm Sticker set - 15 pieces 10 cm
Art.No.: AAK-AKSET15/10D
9,90 €*
Sticker set - 3 pieces 20 cm Sticker set - 3 pieces 20 cm
Art.No.: AAK-AKSET20/3D
7,90 €*
Badges 25 mm - 10 pieces Badges 25 mm - 10 pieces
Art.No.: AAK-BT25/10D
7,90 €*
Magnet 25 mm 5 pieces Magnet 25 mm 5 pieces
Art.No.: AAK-MA25/5D
4,90 €*
Sticker - Das 11. Gebot Sticker - Das 11. Gebot
Art.No.: AAK-AK11D
1,00 €*
Atomkraft? Schluss jetzt! Atomkraft? Schluss jetzt!
4,90 €*